Bangkok – Cubic Bangkok Hostel

Our first stay in Bangkok will be in Banthadthong area named Cubic Hostel. We choose this hostel we’re arriving around midnight and we want to spend an affordable price for a one night stay. And also because Cubic Hostel is very near to the popular tom yum mama restaurant “Jeh O Chula” and just the opposite to the recommended seafood place, “Somboon Seafood Restaurant”.

Cubic Hostel
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Udah sebulan lebih rasanya gak menulis. Sejak ada rutinitas baru, fokusnya jadi berbeda bukannya bertambah. Maklum, waktu tetap 24 jam tapi kerjaannya jadi nambah. Sekarang lagi mengusahakan untuk menggeser sedikit waktu untuk porsinya masing-masing. Semoga bisa kembali rajin dan lebih rajin lagi di tahun depan nanti! eh belom apa-apa udah ada resolusi untuk 2019. Anywaysss, kalian pasti udah mampir dong ke Ottomans baru yang di Cilandak? Aku juga udah, bulan lalu. Tapi maaf baru sempet nulis :p

Back again with new hair!

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“Dining with The Star” – C’s Steak & Seafood, GRAND HYATT JAKARTA

Dining with The Star #2 will be at C’s Steak & Seafood, Grand Hyatt Jakarta.
C’s Steak and Seafood restaurant offer the freshest seafood and prime cuts as well as a unique farm-to-table dining experience. Wine connoisseurs will also be spoiled with 3,000 bottles wine cellar that carries an interesting selection of both old and new world wines. As for the seafood, they serve fresh daily catch from the fisherman. Not talking more about seafood now, because we’re going to have their special cuts today!

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