7 Favorite Menus From Soup Restaurant

One of Chinese Restaurant in Plaza Indonesia that have been approved by me and my family’s taste buds. Yes, because we’re Indonesian born Chinese since kid we already have a bunch of Chinese food experience from my grandma’s cooking until chef cooks in a restaurant like this. As you know, the older usually not easily pleased by any kind of food. But Soup Restaurant did it a pretty good job here! So here I’ll be giving our favorite menu recommendation and might also their signature as well.

Samsui Ginger Chicken (IDR 220K – Size L)


Teochew Olive Rice (IDR 110K – Size L)

Trust me you’ll love it! Super fragrant and yummy olive rice. White rice is a must for chinese food, but olive rice is way more better!


2. Tofu with special Sauce

Tofu with Special Sauce (IDR 100K – Size L)

Homemade soft tofu cooked with Soup Restaurat’s special sauce.


3. Samsui Ginger Chicken

Samsui Ginger Chicken (IDR 220K – Size L)

The main signature of Soup Restaurant. Boiled chicken seasoned with ginger and sauce, a truly heritage treasures. Enjoy it with the special peanut sauce!


4. Prawn With Salt Egg Yolk

Prawn With Salt Egg Yolk (IDR 85K – Size S)


5. Steam Garoupa Slices

Steam Garoupa Slices (IDR 88K – Size S)


6. Mongolian Tenderloin

Mongolian Tenderloin (IDR 105K – Size S)


7. Deep Fried Venison 

Deep Fried Venison (IDR 160K – Size S)

The other main star beside Samsui Chicken and Olive Rice. They served venison meat and cooked it really well. I like the deep fried and Mongolian venison. This also the reason why I kept coming back to here.

Try and have some herbal soup from here. They serve choices of Chinese herbal soup with nutrients and for certain health issue. And take note for the prices, it may vary due to the size. Choose the right size, sizing is depend on how many people in your table and all menu is for sharing, except for the soup.

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Address : Plaza Indonesia, Lantai 3, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
Open : Daily : 10.00AM – 22.00PM
Instagram : @soupresto_indo

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