Boat Noodle Indonesia

Boat Noodle Indonesia

From Malaysia to Indonesia, Boat Noodle was ready to serve you a thai style noodle (also known as Kuey Teow Ruer). First starting in early 2014 in Malaysia, they just sold noodle only, hence Boat Noodle already expanding and serving a lot more about thai street foods.

As you can see recently, stacks of bowl picture that you always found in instagram was one of the evidence that Boat Noodle is a current trending in Indonesia. Why stacks of bowl? its because the very small portion for every bowl served.

Here the history goes….

Boat noodles have been served since the period of Plaek Phibunsongkhram in 1942, and were original served from boats that traversed Bangkok’s canals.

In the past, a merchant who sold boat noodles would have been the only person working on a small boat, and would have had to do everything by himself from paddle a boat, scald the noodles, season the soup, serve the dish, handle money and wash the dishes. If the bowl was too big, it would be difficult to hand over to the customer on the land and might be easily spilled. This is the reason why the boat noodle’s bowl is small, for the convenience and safety of the merchant. (Source : Wikipedia)

The current hype-Boat Noodle Indonesia

Boat noodle have 2 kind of noodle, rice and egg noodles served with chicken or beef. And basically they have 2 type soup base also, pathumtani and ayutthaya. Pathumtani recipe is dark soy sauce (the one in front from the pict) and have sourish with delicate spicy flavour, made with approx. 19 herbs. While Ayutthaya has an intensed flavor based on creamy dark broth made from at least 10 herbs.

Its just too addictive that i guarantee one is never enough, furthermore the price per bowl is very cheap, only cost IDR 8.5K! Yessss that also the other reason why we stack more and more noodle on our table :p

Sangkaya (IDR 35K)

Steamed bread with pandan kaya jam. Super love the fluffy bread! I’m sure can eat this more than noodles.

[Left] Grilled chicken meatball (IDR 18K) | [Right] Grilled beef meatball (IDR 19K)

Flame Grilled Ayam Legend (IDR 40K)

Ayam legend that prepared well marinated with the secret thai sauce for 12 hours before grilled. No wonder the chicken texture was so smooth and permeated well. Dip into the sweet sour spicy sauce, it was bombbbb!

Thai Style Chicken Wings (IDR 27K)

Another special preparation to this chicken wings though not as long as making the Ayam legend but still need more than 4 hours to get this mini chicken wings done. And the result is not a joke. Must try.

Bai-Toey (IDR 14K)

Made from pandan sweet drinks, this one is my best favourite after enjoying all these foods. More like a barley juice too bad there wasn’t but taste kinda same. And also not too sweet, match with my preference well.

Coconut Ice Blend (IDR 32K)

Chill Chill Cha Keow Yen (Thai Green Tea)

A coming soon, Chill chill will served various tasty from Thai tea to thai coffee. This is one of their Thai Green Tea.

Too much foods to enjoy here at Boat Noodle Indonesia. I hope you can enjoy as much as i do and tell me later how much you can done!


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Address : Gandaria City, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Gandaria, Jakarta
Instagram : @boatnoodleindo
Open : Daily : 10.00 am – 22.00 pm


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