Brazilian BBQ Buffet Experience at TUCANO’S – JAKARTA

Here we are, at the Brazilian BBQ buffet/ all you can eat at Tucano’s. My very first experience to try this different, unique and interesting kind of serving the Brazillian meat and it was so much fun!

Tucano’s located at the center of Jakarta, beside Citywalk Sudirman. First thing when you come in, you’ll find this whole salad and the fried section with bunch of oil, sauce, etc and you can see the Brazil flag all around the bar.

Seating Area

Seating Area (2)

At first, I didn’t notice that Tucano’s serves BBQ buffet. and it is a MEAT BUFFET! How awesome that sound, isn’t it? The price starting from IDR 198++ *terms and conditions apply.
Let us begin the meat journey now~

Oh, wait, while waiting we going around and take the salad, sauce, and sides. Did you know? If you’re a vegetarian, you also can get the buffet from the salad and dessert bar only and of course with the special salad rate.

Choices of Sauces

More than 10 kinds of salad and veggies.

Also with those interesting small fried bites.

For fried bite lovers, I especially recommend you their fried cheese meatball! If you aren’t a snack muncher, you still need to try and get addicted to that melted cheese and extra crunchy meatball!

Now it is the real MEAT TIME! Why did we say Tucano’s is unique and different from any other bbq meat buffet? Because Tucano’s bring the festive of big meat with Brazilian style BBQ churrasco concept/ churrascaria restaurant.

churrascaria is a restaurant serving grilled meat, many offering as much as one can eat: the waiters move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto the client’s plate.[1] This serving style is called espeto corrido or rodízio, and is quite popular in Brazil. (Source: wikipedia)

So in the buffet price, it already included all the meat choices, salad, pineapple, free flow drinks, and tropical dessert. The meat itself has a quite lot of choice.


1. FRANGO/ Chicken

Marinated Grilled Chicken and Chicken Heart


Beef Marinated with garlic


Their newest variant of meat with hot and spicy sauce


Picanha; Tucano’s favorite and most popular cuts.


Cut from top sirloin


Cut from the bottom sirloin, and seasoned to perfection with sea salt


The roast of the brisket


Roast pineapple sprinkled with cinnamon

All the above is the meat you can order also included lamb, shrimp, and sausages. But since I love beef a little too much, I try each of them and my favorite is the brisket (super tender and melt in mouth!), picanha, garlic steak and fraldhina.

T Magnet

FYI, on every table, you’ll find this T magnet and 3 colors of chip. This is used to sign the waiter to refill our needs. Green chip is for meat, the yellow chip is for pineapple, and red chip means you’re having enough. Put the chip on the top of the T letter and the waiter will come and serve you.

Caipirinha (Brazilian Cocktails)

Their current special drinks, Caipirinha; made with cachaça (sugarcane hard liquor), sugar, and lime. The taste was really refreshing! My favorite was the original one (left) and orange (right). When I visited here, this drink also got special deals if you buy 3. So ask for the promotion when you coming here. You might get better deals!

Healthy Mocktails. Lychee orange (left), Pineapple mint (right)

For the ladies, you can have this buy 1 get 1 healthy mocktail on every Tuesday and Thursday. Lucky I visited on Tuesday so I got this too! The lychee orange was very good!

Dessert Bar

Finally we arrived at the last part of the meal, dessert time! Besides cake and jelly they serves this fresh tropical fruits like banana, watermelon, orange, and salak aka snakefruit!

Verdict of the meal: It was all worth every penny! With the grade of beef, choices of fresh salad and fruits also the drinks, especially mocktails for me. I’ll come back again with my friends and family soon!

Tucano's Churrascaria - Brazilian BBQ & Buffet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Address :Pavilion Retail Arcade, Lantai Dasar, Jl. K.H Mas Mansyur, Sudirman, Jakarta
Open : Daily : 11.30AM-15.00PM (lunch) and 17.30 – 22.00PM (dinner)
Instagram : @tucanos_jakarta

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