Elegant Indonesian Dining Experience with Plataran Menteng

Representing colonial residence of a noble family who live in Jakarta, Plataran which consists of three floors and equipped with Rooftop presenting Indonesia-Asian dishes influenced by the culinary found in colonial era and from the region of Asia. With another function as an event venue, Plataran Menteng is ideal for different types of formal and informal events such as corporate events gathering, product launching, engagement, wedding and so on.

Located in the central of Jakarta at Jalan H.0.S. Tjokroaminoto No. 42 Menteng, a strategic area known as the elite residential area in the Central Jakarta, Plataran Menteng stands on an area – / + 1,500 square meters (outside the parking area). Plataran Menteng is an exclusive dining venue with colonial concept. The beauty and shade created by the shady trees located inside and outside the building, making this place blends harmoniously with nature.

Plataran Menteng is equipped with modern facilities to support guest comfort, including air-
conditioning, ceiling speakers, lift to each floor, as well as a praying room accommodating up to 20 people. In addition, all Plataran Menteng cuisines are prepared from the kitchen which is equipped with modern equipment according to the standard of HACCP and HSEMS as the international standard for the kitchen in a 5-star hotel. This modern kitchen is equipped with a walk-in chiller and combi oven and using a resin floor (silikal). In operation, Plataran Menteng also supports eco green by not reducing the electrical power source by using gas and water treatment plan to treat wastewater and clean water.



The first floor is an area where the host welcome the guests, elegantly nuanced with the charm of 80 years old colonial residence. The bar is also located on this area where the dining area accommodate guests up to 120 people. Divided into two dining areas and two private rooms, right in the middle of this area there is a shady mango tree with translucent glass-roofed and piano to accompany the guests while dining and enjoying the natural atmosphere in the room. The second floor is an area to entertain guests more intimate with a capacity of 100- 150 people. This floor is equipped with a praying room and divided into two dining areas, a lounge and           5 private rooms, where three of the private rooms can be combined. This area can also be used for the wedding aisle. The third floor is an area where we can mingle casually over coffee and tea accompanied by snacks. This area can accommodate guests of 60 people, divided into one dining area and lounge. While Rooftop is an area with a capacity of 20 people, is intended for guests who want to unwind while enjoying the sunset in the afternoon with friends accompanied by drinks and snacks.

Time to explore the food, generous variety of the house creation grows my appetite. When it comes for my traditional indonesian food, i’ll always choose some basic fried rice and vegetables then the signature menu. So here’s what i’ve got from Plataran Dining.



Dendeng Batokok


2. Oseng Oseng pucuk Labu

Oseng oseng pucuk labu


3. PIndang serani

Pindang Serani


4. Bola bola cokro

Bola bola Cokro


5. nasi goreng keling

Nasi Goreng Keling


6. orak arik pangsit udang

Orak Arik Pangsit Udang



Udang Gandum


8. Salad Jantung pisang

Salad Jantung Pisang


As for me, my favourite dishes here are :
Chicken squid ball, Bola bola Cokro. Fragrant and unique Salad Jantung pisang, Crispy Orak arik Pangsit Udang, Super thin crust Dendeng Batokok, and Nasi Goreng Keling to fulfill my happy tummy. All good done good!

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Address :Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42, Menteng, Jakarta
Phone : (+62) 21 296 277 71
Open : Daily : 11.00AM – 23.00PM
Instagram : @platarandining

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