Hansol Authentic Korean Restaurant, SCBD

It was supposed to be an all you can eat birthday lunch at first, but changed my mind on the very last minute cos he suddenly offered me to try Hansol (again) after several time mentioning this place and finally having the right time to have my lovely korean lunchie here!

My love to korean food was beyond measure than the others since highschool and still crazy about it until now. Thanks god my man also loving the bbq and kimchi! My best eating partner indeed. He was the one and only guy that introduce me to this when no apps or friends ever told me about this place and i believed in him cos our food standard are pretty same.

Once he was working with a korean company and they always having company lunch/ dinner here with his korean bosses. I’m sure it was a big yesss to this place since the place was local-korean approved. For me  us, if the places was filled with the local people it means the food taste at least nearly as good as the original place.

Coming here at lunch time (around 12.30) with reservation by phone before since we afraid the place will be full on lunch/dinner time. The place was not a very big and spacious and it located around many offices in SCBD area.

When arrived, you will welcomed by the receptionist in front and will guide you to your room. Yes it was not an usual public open restaurant, every table has their own room. This is also why you need to make reservation in advance.


While waiting for our orders, banchan (side dishes) was prepared for us. The side dishes was pretty decent, many choices of kimchi, marinated vegetables, potato, seaweed, pajeon (korean pancake) also marinated clams.

Banchan (/ˈbɑːnˌɑːn/,[1]from Korean:반찬飯饌banchan[pan.tɕʰan]) is a collective name for small side dishes served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisineBanchan are set in the middle of the table to be shared. At the center of the table is the secondary main course, such as galbi or bulgogi, and a shared pot of jjigae. Bowls of cooked rice and guk (soup) are set individually. Banchan are served in small portions, meant to be finished at each meal and are replenished during the meal if not enough. (Source : Wikipedia)

Not a long waited time, our main course are fully served. We ordered Samgyeopsal (three layers pork ribs), Wagyu Galbisal (Wagyu beef ribs), Yukhoe (korean style minced raw beef), and Yukgaejang (spicy beef soup). You know we are such big eaters when we finished all those food for two, yasssh!

Wagyu Galbisal (IDR 350K)

Samgyeopsal (IDR 195K)

Yukhoe (IDR 265K)

Yukgaejang (IDR 115K)

All i can say is, the food were awesome!! Everything was great and its a not regret at all spending my lunch here. Too much happiness on my birthday <3

Not forget to mention my favourite part of having lunch at korean restaurant is, it all included the side dishes (as my appetizer) until dessert.

Should i make a post about my fav korean restaurant in Jakarta? Suddenly feels excited. Ohwell, i would do it someday (for my own sake) and of course for you too 😉
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Address : Jl. Widya Chandra VIII No. 33, SCBD, Jakarta
Phone : (+62) 21 5290 3417 / 5290 4055
Open : Daily : 11.00AM – 22.00PM

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