A brand new Korean pizza house, finally! Originated directly from Korea, now Pizza Maru has opened their first outlet in Jakarta, Indonesia. Located at the center of Jakarta, you can find Pizza Maru easily in Grand Indonesia East Mall, level 3A.

Pizza Maru Interior

So what’s make a Korean pizza different with other pizza? From my experience, the Korean pizza usually has a thicker crust than the usual. Also the various flavor the served, not only meat and savory taste but they mixed sweet inside too! and for the love of sweet potato, they tend to cook everything with sweet potato including pizza.

Pizza Maru, Now Open in Jakarta!


Grand Indonesia, East Mall 3A fl


But did you know, surprisingly savory meat match really well with sweet potatoes. Here in Pizza Maru, you can choose lots of crust filling (sweet potato is just one of them) also they have several grains; wheat, black rice, green tea, etc to make the dough.

Chicago Pizza

Here I introduce you to Chicago Pizza. One of Pizza Maru’s signature yet something unique in it. The dough made from black rice, with thick and double mozzarella cheese inside and pepperoni, tomato, and a bunch of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Finish the look with icing sugar around the bread and ready to be enjoyed with strawberry jam! How’s that sound? Interesting enough?

Cheesy Maru Oppa

Our next pizza, Maru spiced chicken with vegetable, cheese and mayo topping with green tea based dough and sweet potato crust. The one that I’ve been waiting for~ As expected this was gewd (except for the mayo, since I’m not a mayo person but still bearable. thanks to sweet potato aka goguma <3)

Signature Maru Rice Tower

Still feel hungry after pizza? Don’t worry they also serves this rice tower. Mixed riced with meat toppings, kimchi, eggs and, crispy potato.

Korean Chicken

Last but not least, the popular korean chicken. Tastes the real crunchy with korean spicy/sweet sauce. One perfect meal indulgence from Pizza Maru.

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Address : Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai 3A, East Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
Open : Daily : 10.00AM – 22.00PM
Instagram : @pizzamaru.id

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