Zenraku Dashi Chazuke, Grand Indonesia

A real comfort food that you need for this current rainy weather. A newly opened and the first Dashi Chazuke restaurant in town, Zenraku Dashi Chazuke. Located in the centre of Jakarta, Grand Indonesia Mall, Zenraku offers Dashi Chazuke with more selection.

Chazuke (茶漬け, ちゃづけ) or ochazuke (お茶漬け, from (o)cha ‘tea’ + tsuke ‘submerge’) is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea,[1] dashi, or hot water over cooked rice. (Source : Wikipedia)

If you ever heard (or loved) about Abura Soba Yamatoten, Zenraku also owned by those duo Chef; Chef Yamamoto and Chef Ian. So what things to doubt? I bet this one also will fill my tastebud really well.

Speaking back about Chazuke, i’ve been having several salmon chazuke before and falling in love with it. And when i heard a special house for the dish will be opening, how can i not feeling exciting and curious of how good it would be.



Hiyashi Tomato (IDR 28K)

Poke Tuna Sashimi Yuzu Kosho (IDR 42K)

Ebi Katsu (IDR 32K)



Lucky i’m coming with some friends so we ordered everything on our first visit. Its hard to decide cos everything looks soooo appetizing to me!

Salmon Dashi Chazuke (IDR 68k) and Sampler Dashi Chazuke (IDR 72k)

Sampler Dashi Chazuke is a tray of 3 sampler bowl; Unagi, Beef and Chicken Dashi Chazuke. When in doubt, i recommend you to have this to try three different dishes all in once, but of course in smaller size.

Salmon Dashi Chazuke

Instead of using chunked cooked salmon like i’d have before, Zenraku using sliced aburi salmon. This one definitely a yessss!

How to enjoy Dashi Chazuke? Its simply just pouring a pot of soup stock that they have prepared on tray along with your choice of rice bowl. You can pour it all, or half and finished the rest later. There’s no a right or wrong, just go with your way to experience your best Dashi Chazuke.

Unagi Dashi Chazuke (IDR 68k)

Red Snapper Dashi Chazuke (IDR 68k)

Beef Somen Dashi Chazuke (IDR 68k)

Not only with rice, here they have somen dashi chazuke too! Available with kakiage (fried vegetables tempura) and beef.

All good taste from Zenraku and for me, Salmon Dashi Chazuke still the most satisfying <3 Can’t wait to be back and having my comfort food there.

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Zenraku Dashi Chazuke

Address : Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai Lower Ground, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone : (+62) 21 2358 0486
Open : Daily : 10.00AM – 22.00PM
Instagram : @zenraku.id


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